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Client Testimonials

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Master Certified Career Coach
Certified Life Coach

"Once in a while you have the great fortune of connecting with someone truly committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others. Through the coaching process Cyndy assists clients in gaining insight and clarity around career their decisions. She is a gifted facilitator, a compassionate mentor and highly skilled at reaching professionals no matter where they may be on their path to success. I enjoyed working with Cyndy as my facilitator and coach while at MCC and highly recommend her for any position that involves, facilitation, coaching or working with people in transition." Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity"

Mary-Jane Norris

"I've known Cyndy since the beginning of 2011. I was unemployed at the start of the year and signed up with MCC Employment Essentials to find a new impetus and direction. Cyndy was my career coach during the four-week intensive session. She is enthusiastic and passionate, and the energy from Cyndy was a big drive in helping me focus on what I want in my career. She helped me realize the link between core values and choices. I felt the approach taken was exactly what I needed - not looking at just my career in isolation but my life as the bigger picture. After 4 weeks of unemployment, I found a new job in the same industry. I feel empowered by the skills, knowledge, and awareness I take with me into the future, wherever and whatever I may be doing. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative. Thanks Cyndy!"

Andy Moy

"Cyndy was great as a Career Coach with the services she provided. I used the service (required) in light of obtaining start-up funds for a business venture at the time - recommended by a friend, who had taken the same program. The program that Cyndy taught shed plenty of light into how the system works in Canada, as well as additional personal insights on the dynamics of personality types. I would recommend Cyndy as a career coach for any enterprise." Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative"

Alin Vasilas

"Cyndy has the coaching skills to help me stay focused on what my goals are and achieve clarity on the steps I needed to take in order to accomplish them. I am privileged to learn from my sessions with Cyndy and am satisfied with the results I got. She brings a wealth of experience in career coaching and her life coaching service has been very effective in my professional and personal development."

Lee Y.

"Through Cyndy's coaching, I was motivated to take concrete steps towards improving my financial situation. I would have continued for years wavering between denying and feeling hopeless had I not received guidance from Cyndy. In a few months' time, I understood the ways and my purposes for taking control of my own finances and followed through with the "action plans" which were created during our sessions. It is an incredible experience to see how far I've come along. Cyndy has helped me realize that changes are possible. I'm truly grateful for her professional coaching and highly recommend her to anyone, particularly those who catch themselves saying, "It's about time I do something..." Thank you, Cyndy!!!!"

Emma Tang

"I had no idea what coaching was when I started and had no expectations. But, with an open mind and Cyndy's professional skills as a coach, I have come to know that anything is possible. Through coaching I was able to recognize roadblocks that were getting in the way of my happiness. I had lost myself in the everyday routine of life and was cruising through each day. During the process of the coaching sessions the door of my subconscious was opened and I found my way to have a more peaceful and happy life. The questions Cyndy asked helped me to focus on what I really wanted and showed me how to reach it. Cyndy provided an atmosphere that was safe and put me at ease to explore my inner world of thoughts and emotions. Through the process I realized it is okay to be who I am and to ask for help. I allowed myself to open my mind to see a bigger picture of my life. As a result, my self-esteem grew and I gained a more positive attitude and balance in my life, personally and professionally. Cyndy's ability to create a caring yet fun atmosphere put me at ease to explore and uncover the emotional roadblocks to my eating disorder. She helped me stay focused so I was able to identify the emotions that were holding me back from losing weight, and why. Subsequently, in eighteen hours of coaching I was able to lose 20 pounds. Today, I have a better understanding of myself and have the tools to deal with challenges that may come up. When dealing with stressful situations in the past, I used to shut down emotionally. Now, I am able to quickly get to the bottom of it and move on with life in a positive way."

Marie-Claude Beaulieu

"As a career coach, Cyndy Greeno covers it all. She is a polished presenter, trustworthy listener, knowledgeable coach, and creative innovator. Cyndy and I have been colleagues for over 3 years so I know her to be organized, productive, and professional but I would be remiss not to mention that Cyndy was originally my own career coach. And as such, I will always be thankful for the warmth and charm with which she helped me feel at ease, open up, trust in my own abilities, and my way. With deep respect and gratitude, thank you Cyndy."

Christopher Crowne

"As a Senior Career Coach and Workshop Facilitator Cyndy gives 100% to her positions. There are so many reasons to highly recommend Cyndy but first and foremost is that she is inspiring. She is dedicated to researching useful resources and developing materials that empower clients to see self, career, business and community in a whole new light. She creatively opens up the world of career exploration in a way that is both hope-filled and solution focused. Cyndy is a compassionate Career Development Practitioner who works effectively with a wide range of personalities in both the classroom and one to one. Anyone who has the distinct pleasure of working alongside Cyndy will be treated to a partnership with someone who is passionate, knowledgeable, generous and ethical. Her tireless devotion to her profession and those she serves will be an asset to any organization."

Jennifer Chandler

"It is my privilege to recommend Cyndy. She is exceptional in her facilitation, energetic in her delivery, and empathetic to clients and colleagues alike. She inspires and ignites her clients with enthusiasm to move beyond their norm, to be all they can be! Always dependable and with a twinkle in her eye, Cyndy's charm is absorbed by all who work with her. In working with her, I admired her capacity as a Career Practitioner Professional, her integrity and high ethical standards."

Rhonda Roberts

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Job Search Strategist

"During my experiences in the career search program I found Katherine to be very professional, energetic and dedicated to helping each client achieve their goals. In addition, Katherine displayed compassion for each client's personal situation, a quality that is often rare to find. Katherine's superior communication skills were also evident, both in speaking before a group, and in helping clients to draft resumes and correspondence. I was especially impressed with her ability to involve and engage clients in the class materials."

Satri A.

"Dear Katherine... I believe what I learnt were skills for life, not only professionally but also personally. On a professional level I learnt skills to do well in interviews and open new ways to search for jobs. I also learnt how to effectively search for jobs, increase my contact list and make the most of job search time. I like your toolbox analogy to find employment. You showed me a set of tools to increase my chances of finding a job. Some tools I already had and needed sharpening, some tools were new to me. Thanks again for all your work."

Andrew A.

"I consider Katherine one of our best presenters, and she leads the way in perfecting and upgrading the Personality Dimensions Workshops, 60 in total to hundreds of appreciative Clients, helping other team members to stay fresh and original while ensuring adherence to the model. At our downtown Landell office she worked with people from a professional technical background facilitating job search strategies. Katherine also acted a Site Coordinator/Facilitator at our Cloverdale site …seeing us through a challenging time of staff transitions. Her business background lends her credibility and wisdom. Katherine is non-judgmental and is outstanding at establishing trust with individuals and groups."

Mary Landell, former Director, Landell and Associates Consulting Ltd.

"Katherine has a wide experience of working with people with diverse backgrounds. She herself is bilingual. Her emotional intelligence is high and she brings this understanding respectfully to every individual she works with. Katherine has a gracious style of communication demonstrating interest in everyone, and has extraordinary listening skills, clarifying and providing feedback, and working collaboratively with both clients and colleagues. Katherine strives to empower clients, and the clients grow in self-reliance with her facilitation and counseling. Clients are typically eager to work with Katherine. In the rare instance of her client being reluctant, she has the skills to reach them. Katherine's interpersonal competence is exceptional."

Julian Gardiner, Career Development Department, Douglas College
Former Co-Facilitator

"It has been my pleasure to work with Katherine De Vita at Earl Marriott Secondary School. Katherine has spent two weeks working in my Career Education office interviewing and placing senior High School students in work experience positions. Katherine's Career Counseling education has prepared her well to take on tasks appropriate to this position. What is most outstanding are Katherine's soft skills. She has excellent interpersonal skills, which have made it a pleasure to share an office and workstation with her. As well, her extensive business experience and a degree in Psychology make cold calling potential employers an easy and professional experience. Katherine has shown a natural talent to work with people. Her organizational skills and enthusiasm have made her very productive in a short period of time and our department will miss her greatly."

Richard Berry, Former Career Education Facilitator, Earl Marriott Secondary

"Even though I am confident in my abilities, I was changing fields and unsure how to present myself and how to handle various stages of the interview process.  I'm in my late fifties, it's a tight economy, and the job market in Southern California is super competitive.  Katherine gave me the insight and polish I needed to land a highly sought after position.   And negotiate a salary at the upper range.  Don't be afraid to go after what you want.  Whether you're just starting out in the business world, re-entering it, or changing fields, Katherine has a powerful talent for knowing just how to showcase who you are and what you have to offer."

C. Taylor, Los Angeles, California

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