Faros Career Professional


Master Certified Career Coach

Is there something in your personal or professional life you want to achieve, but find it challenging to stay committed or motivated to follow through? Coaches are dedicated to helping clients achieve what they want in their lives. An athlete in a strong partnership with their coach is motivated and supported to attain maximum performance and work towards achieving their full potential.

Life coaching and career coaching is no different. It is a powerful partnership between you and the coach, whether you have a desire to accelerate your career, wish to complete projects in your life, want to follow through with your goals or seeking employment.


Job Search Strategist

Are you job searching, but are unsuccessful? Perhaps you’re new to BC and don’t have contacts yet. Maybe, as a new graduate, you don’t have the required experience. Or…your job search skills are rusty since you last had to look for work.

Searching for work is a full-time job. To succeed, you need to know how to promote your abilities and strengths in this competitive job market, and know where to look for employment.

A Job Search Strategist will journey alongside to help market your skills effectively, prepare you for interviews and direct you to strategies that shorten the timeframe to employment.