How to Become a Professional?

In today’s time of rapid development of various directions and technologies, we all run somewhere, we do not have time, we are in a hurry to live. And during this rat race, we completely forget about quality: the quality of life, the quality of work done and the quality of relationships. After all, as usually happens with almost every ordinary person? Every third is not engaged in what he likes, what he learned at the university, where he went at someone’s advice.

Almost every second usual person forces himself to get up in the morning for an unloved job, pulling himself out of bed with various persuasions and admonitions. And literally everyone is in a hurry to live, impatiently counting the days until vacation, waiting for the New Year or another birthday, and also happily waiting for Friday and the weekend.

And behind all this, we forget about the quality and taste of real life. Moreover, one of the important components is our work, business or long-awaited project.

Despite this problem, many federal agencies are still waiting for “their” people to provide many professionals with stable jobs and motivational salaries. A simple list of federal positions and tough job descriptions will be easily overlooked, especially when it comes to competitive positions that require extensive technical knowledge and experience. Therefore, it is normal to seek help from specialists in this area. For example, here: you can help you write a correct and successful resume specifically for people applying for jobs in the federal government.

But to be nominated for the best professionally written federal biography, you must show that you clearly meet the job criteria. This is why a well-written bio can do well in propelling your career if it pleases busy potential employers or recruiters who have to follow rigid criteria. The best federal resume writers can help you with this. They write and proofread resumes for job seekers to reflect the standards demanded by government hiring managers.

Professionals in their field will not only always have well-paid jobs, customers, clients, but they will always be in sight. Because they are recommended, they are invited to speak at conferences, they want partnerships.

So, there are six conventions that will help you succeed on the road to your professionalism!

  1. Rule of 10,000 hours.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Geniuses and Outsiders. Why one everything and another nothing?” indicates that success is achieved by those who have become a true professional in their field, having worked 10,000 hours.

professional etiquette

Thus, the legendary group “Beatles”, having once worked in Hamburg their 10,000 hours for several years of work, became incredibly popular and had a wild success. It seemed to everyone that they burst onto the stage out of nowhere, but in reality they had these difficult 10,000 hours of hard work in their life. Bill Gates spent his 10,000 hours on the computer (while still a college student) creating programs that are still in use decades later.

Therefore, if you have decided in what area you want to develop and become a real professional, then you should work your 10,000 hours. But it will take about five years. The first year you will not earn. If you are ready for this, then go ahead!

Years two and three are the times when you improve your skills and start making your living. In the fourth year, there is a tipping point when it seems like you are standing in one place. And the night, as you know, is especially dark just before dawn, so do not stop and keep working. In the fifth year, you are a real professional!

  1. Read 200 books.

If you decide that you want to become a photographer, copywriter, trainer, musician, PR specialist (yes, anyone!), study the literature on your topic. Sign up for courses, watch online video tutorials, and master the skills you need as a professional.

For example, learn to work in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom if you’re a photographer, or learn Photoshop if you’re a designer. Constantly broaden your horizons, learn the nuances of your profession and see the essence of things.

Most specialists remain just specialists because they do not want to do more than is required of them. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they do not love their work enough, or simply do not know how to take responsibility for themselves, or are content with what they have.

If you clearly said to yourself: I want to become an expert and a professional, then I must do more than is required.

If you are a sales manager, give the client more information than he asked for, compare several TV options that he chose if you work in a store, or suggest that the client fly not only to Turkey, but consider options with a budget vacation in India if you work in tourism.

  1. Choose a mentor.

The easiest and fastest way to become a pro is to find yourself a mentor in your field and walk his way. At every stage of your journey, which will seem insurmountable, a mentor will help you and guide you in the right direction.

After you have passed the path of a mentor, you can choose your own path, now you know exactly how to become successful.

  1. Be hard on yourself.

Often, specialists spend their working day waiting for it to end and the work becomes even more hateful and tiring for them.

To prevent this from happening, set yourself tasks yourself. You are a sales manager, and now your company is calm, clients temporarily do not call: invite the management to discuss a new advertising campaign together, sort out long-standing documents, ask the manager for new tasks, always cling to the opportunity to learn something new.

And do not revel in the joy of what a tough specialist you are, always evaluate yourself strictly. If you take the path of development, it is impossible to say where the end point is, because development is always an endless process. Be hungry in the process.

  1. Communicate.

“What we call talent is the result of a complex interweaving of ability, opportunity, and accidental advantage,” writes Malcolm Gladwell. And it is for this reason that Canadian children born in January have more advantages to get into the hockey league than those born in the summer. Because at the time of their enrolment in a sports school (and this is January) they are exactly 9 years old.professional

To be in the right place at the right time, start talking more. Connect with more than just those from whom you can benefit here and now. Just communicate with everyone, find out who is doing what, is fond of. Who knows how this acquaintance will be useful to you in the future? Create your social circle and expand it constantly.

  1. If you are already a professional, but no one knows about you.

Sometimes this happens due to the fact that a person is just an introvert and it is difficult for him to appear anywhere. But this can be done by gradually mastering various tools.

Start a blog and share expert content, publish expert information on your social network page, speak at a conference, host a content webinar, invite to speak to a specific audience in a closed community.

If you are an extra introvert and all these methods do not match you, then write a book. Yes, just go and write a book about what you know. This is the most difficult path of all, but believe me, your own book will give you much more weight than the website + blog + exhibitions + conferences combined, and will work for you 24/7.